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 Professional Carpet Cleaning Peterborough

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Our company consists of professional, friendly service with a sense of humor, for which customer satisfaction is most important.

We value punctuality and a job well done. We love what we do.
We always use reliable and proven cleaning.

We use new and efficient equipment, so we can guarantee services of high quality. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Equipment”]Serving you with assistance in getting rid of dirty problems.
We show the punctuality, precision and perseverance.

In our work we use a professional industrial equipment with great possibilities, which could work 24 hours a day and the best cleaning agents leading companies.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why Us?”]We understand your needs so we do it like for ourselves. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that a satisfied customer is more important than the most expensive advertising.[/toggle] [/accordian]

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Our top quality carpet cleaning process begins with a pre-treatment method in which an environment friendly formula is applied to emulsify the dirt and soil on your carpet. No matter, how old or extremely dirty your carpet may be, our special solution will loosen it and brings it to the surface for easy extraction. Next we will extract the dirt and debris using our powerful, advanced cleaning machine. Our branded cleaning equipment can extract all types of foreign substances and moisture from your carpet, and provide 100% clean surface with quick drying time.
We are expert stain removers and we utilize a unique approach to remove different types of stains from your carpet flooring. There are many types of stains that do not respond to the common carpet stain removing products. We are professionals and we know the chemical composition involved with various stains including oil stains and water stains. We regularly deal with various types of stains including stains caused by pets or kids. We apply different stain removal techniques to deal with different stains such as blood, vomit, make up, shoe polish, red wine, water marks, oil and others. Our expert carpet cleaning service is incorporated with exclusive spot and stain removal solutions and cleaning services. From those lightweight contemporary carpets to the fussiest woolen type carpets, we can make your carpets stain-free, cleaner and fresher for a long-term.
Our comprehensive carpet cleaning solution covers stain odour removal as well. Home furnishing such as carpet flooring can easily be tarnished by a stain caused by your dear pet and it also results in unpleasant odour. With hypo-allergenic cleaning formula, we will help you get rid of the embarrassment of pet stain odour.